Greases 2

Lithium Greases:

Excellent mechanical stability
Available with EP enhancement providing good anti wear protection
Good corrosion and oxidation additives
Wide working temperature range
Additional performance packages include MoS2, Graphite, zinc oxide
Available in NLGI# 000,00,0,1,2 & 3

Lithium Complex:

Complex soap structure ensure excellent grease life
Protection at higher temperatures and harder working environments
Additional performance package includes MoS2
Available in various colours
Mineral and Synthetic base oils available
Available in NLGI# 00,1,2,3

Calcium Greases

Excellent water resistance
High melting point soaps
Good high temperature stability
Good corrosion resistance
Additional packages include EP improvers, tackifiers, graphite
Food safe products are also available
Available in NLGI# 000,00,1,2,3

Multi Complex Greases

Offer the advantages of lithium complex and calcium complex greases
Excellent long life properties
Superior wear protection and load capacity
Available with a variety of base viscosities
Available in NLGI# 2

Aluminium Complex Greases

Multi functional greases suitable for wet and extreme temperature working
Water displacing
Includes EP packages and available with PTFE additions
Optional packages include tackifiers, solid lubricant additions
Superior food grade products also available
Available in NLGI# 00,0,1,2

Bentone Greases

Organically modified soaps
Non melting thickener
Good water resistance
Excellent sealing capacity
Ideal for aggressive working environments
Optional performance packages available include MoS2, Graphite
Also available with mineral or synthetic base oils of different viscosities.
Available in NLGI# 1,2,3

Polymer Greases

Highly developed grease products for specialist applications.
Available in NLGI # 2

Silicone Greases

Silicone thickened greases for varied applications where inert lubrication is required.
Solid Lubricant packages including PTFE are available
Available in NLGI 2