Brexit & Reach Update

With the United Kingdom formally leaving the European Union as the current transition period comes to an end on the 31st December 2020, Ironsides Lubricants are making arrangements to continue to supply product to the EU with as little inconvenience as possible to its customers.

Our business is very familiar with export documentation and customs processes and we are monitoring any changes required and as notified by the UK Government. At Ironsides Lubricants, we work closely with our shipping partners to manage any changes required following Brexit. We are also assured by our shippers that they are ready to handle all UK export and Import consignments to / from Europe and that they will handle all the necessary customs documentation to ensure a smooth crossing at our borders and thus avoid any delays.

If you are organising your own collection from Ironsides Lubricants UK, you may wish to confirm with your shippers that they are fully aware and prepared for those changes. If you need any assistance following Brexit and to make your importing from the Ironsides Lubricants easier, then please get in touch with our main office or your Account Manager and we will be happy to assist you where possible, including changing our Incoterms 2020 to DAP/DDP if you would so prefer.  

With regards to the European Union REACHregulation, Ironsides Lubricants have completed registration of all required chemical substances under this regulation, and in preparation for the UK leaving the EU after 31st December 2020 we have made arrangements for an Only Representative (OR) based in the EU to maintain Ironsides EU REACH compliance. Please contact us for further details.

Ironsides Lubricants understand that the United Kingdom Government intends to adopt a UK REACH regulation into UK law when the transition period ends on the 31st December. We continue to monitor the development of this UK REACH regulation and are wholly confident that notification and registration of all our required chemical substances will be completed in line with all future deadlines

For your information please note the following which you will need when importing from Ironsides Lubricants UK:

Ironsides EORI number is GB157364156/000

HS code / Customs tariffs / Intrastat code : 27101999 (please contact us for the full list of our HS Commodity codes)

Ironsides Lubricants UK VAT: 157 3641 56

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.