Cartridges 400g

Ironsides fill manufactured products into either customer branded products or a range of popular non branded generic designed 400g ring pull cartridges available in either 12, 24 or 36 box sizes.

Kegs & Pails

A wide variety of kegs and pails are available to suit customer requirements, from plain coloured to full decorated branded packaging.

Standard sizes include 205L, 180kg, 50kg, 20kg, 18kg, 12.5kg, 3kg, all metal containers.

Standard plastic kegs include 25L, 18kg, 12.5kg, 10kg, 5kg , 5L & 500gm.

Bulk- Ironsides has its own fleet of trucks and tankers to deliver product in bulk or Intermediate bulk containers (IBC) as required by the customer.

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New “Foodshield Lubricants” Product Range

Ironsides Lubricants are pleased to announce the launch of their NEW “Foodshield Lubricants” product range of food grade lubricants. Foodshield Lubricants offer Read More