A New Generic Brand Cartridge

Ironsides Lubricants have now made available PTFE MP 2.5 Grease in a decorated branded cartridge to compliment Ironsides Lubricants comprehensive range of grease products in this generic design style.

PTFE MP 2.5 Grease is a premium quality Lithium Complex Grease, reinforced with PTFE and EP additives.

The grease has been successfully used in automotive and heavy plant industries and being especially suited to lubrication of sliding joints and crane extending booms, the addition of PTFE, helps the grease to reduce friction and increase lubricity, resulting in reduced drag, power consumption and component wear. The Generic cartridges are now available in single box orders of either 12 or 36, 400g cartridges.


Raising the Roof

Ironsides Lubricants this week saw the arrival of a third contactor pressure vessel to our Stockport site. Ironsides Lubricants were the first grease manufacturers in Europe to implement the use of the grease contactor technology more than 30 years ago and have been subsequent pioneers in the use of contactor technology for manufacturing greases.

The use of contactor pressure vessels allows flexibility and efficiency of manufacturing grease soaps over traditional autoclave oven cooking methods.

This our third contactor allows Ironsides to offer our existing and new potential customers the flexibility and efficient delivery of both standard and specialist grease products.

Neil Cork, Ironsides Operations Director, commented that “the arrival of the new contactor was the culmination of several months planning, and he was looking forward to commissioning the new vessel into production.” Neil went on to say that “with this new contactor Ironsides Lubricants are establishing themselves as a serious force in the European grease market. Through efficient manufacturing techniques and reduced energy consumption, Ironsides Lubricants are now capable of delivering all our customers product expectations and service aspirations”.

The reactor, and improvements to other aspects of our manufacturing plant, are all part of Ironsides Lubricants’ major investment plan for the future.  These measures will increase our capacity, and improve our versatility.  They will help us to maintain our position as the UK’s leading grease manufacturer, supplying own label and bespoke products to the oil industry both at home, and ever increasingly, world wide.


Delivery Team

December 2010 saw Ironsides Lubricants take delivery of our latest addition to the Company’s fleet of delivery vehicles. The MAN TCX tractor unit is the first Company vehicle decorated with the Company’s new logo introduced in 2009. The truck has the advantage of being powered by the new Euro 5 engine from MAN which offers reduced carbon emissions and greater fuel economy, which will benefit both Ironsides Lubricants and our customers alike.

Mr Neil Cork Ironsides Lubricants Operations Director commented that “the new truck was purchased to continue the first class service Ironsides Lubricants provide to our UK based customers through our own dedicated fleet… and will hopefully serve the business for many years to come”.